There are many reasons to clean your dryer vent. The two most important would be safety and energy savings. In addition to those, jut like maintenance on your car, having your dryer vents cleaned regularly helps your dryer to work more efficiently and therefore it will last longer.

When you don’t regularly clean your vents, what happens is the exhaust tube that runs out of your home from your dryer gets blocked with lint. The purpose of the exhaust is to efficiently remove hot air and moisture so your clothes can dry. However, if the vent of the dryer gets clogged by the lint, it will not be able to expel the moisture from your drying clothes properly. As a result, the moisture will get trapped and will take more heat & energy to evaporate. If your system isn’t cleaned, in addition to using far more time and energy, it could potentially lead to disastrous consequences.

Here are some reasons and statistics for how important to have your dryer vent clean below:

Safety is the number one reason on our list. According to the U.S. Fire Administration reports, each year 15,000 structures catch fire because of clothes dryers. And 80% of these are due to blocked dryer vents. To prevent this kind of situation, it is essential to clean your dryer vent.

We all want our appliances to work as efficiently as possible. If your dryer vent is clogged it will need multiple cycles or will need to run longer to dry your clothes correctly. Extended drying times means extra electricity that leads to an increase in your electricity bill. It also means that your clothes will not last as long because they’re tossed around so long. A clean dryer vent means a longer life for your dryer.

The dryer vent is designed to release hot air and moisture outside the house. With clogs, the moisture will create soggy spots inside the dryer tube. Lint then stacks up in these soggy areas and could potentially produce mold.


Ideally you would have your dryer vents once a year. If at any point you professional assistance for a repair please give our friends a call at Prostar Appliance Service. They know exactly how to find the dryer vent problem and repair it.