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Air Duct Cleaning

We provide a full air duct cleaning, all parts of the system are cleaned. Listed below is what is included with our air duct cleaning service. While some companies do “add on service“ meaning additional services are charged on to a lower quoted amount, here at A-1 Duct Cleaning our quotes include a full professional air duct cleaning service. Generally we charge a per vent/register charge.  On all residential homes we can quote over the phone, most commercial or industrial we can provide an on-site free estimate. 

Our duct cleaning service include:

♦ Clean air ducts (entire length)
Clean return/intake 
♦ Clean Registers
♦ Clean unit/Furnace 
♦ Clean unit blower
♦ Sanitize & deodorize Entire HVAC
♦ Sanitize Coils 
♦ Clean condensation lines
♦ Install new air filter
♦ Provide a full inspection of air ducts


All particulates are extracted by using:

♦ Rotating flexible cable brushes (25’ & 30’)
♦ High compression air tools
♦ High powered vacuum system
♦ Safe on all types of ducts 
♦ Move or cover furniture if needed 

Chimney Sweep

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Chimney Cap / Spark Arrestor Installation

Chimney Repair

Chimney Gas Log Set & Fire glass Installation

Bathroom Fan & Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Fan & Exhaust Cleaning

Minor Air Duct Repair & Replacement