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Air Duct Cleaning

We provide a full air duct cleaning, all parts of the system are cleaned. Listed below is what is included with our air duct cleaning service. While some companies do “add on service“ meaning additional services are charged on to a lower quoted amount, here at A-1 Duct Cleaning our quotes include a full professional air duct cleaning service. Generally we charge a per vent/register charge.  On all residential homes we can quote over the phone, most commercial or industrial we can provide an on-site free estimate. 

Our duct cleaning service include:

♦ Clean air ducts (entire length)
Clean return/intake
♦ Clean Registers
♦ Clean unit/Furnace
♦ Clean unit blower
♦ Sanitize & deodorize Entire HVAC
♦ Sanitize Coils
♦ Clean condensation lines
♦ Install new air filter
♦ Provide a full inspection of air ducts


All particulates are extracted by using:

♦ Rotating flexible cable brushes (25’ & 30’)
♦ High compression air tools
♦ High powered vacuum system
♦ Safe on all types of ducts
♦ Move or cover furniture if needed 

Chimney Sweep

The main reason to get your chimney swept is that many fires have been burnt and there is a soot build up.

  1. Cleaning it allows the chimney to freely vent out all the smoke from a fire and not draft back into the home.
  2. It prevents creosote buildup which in turn is what can catch on fire. When soot builds up in the chimney it will turn into creosote which is a hard glossy material that can catch fire.
  3. It prevents that heavy smoke smell that can happen when the fire is lit. which occurs when any soot that is in the chimney that’s causing the home to have a smoky smell.

One common question I get is how often should you clean the chimney, we recommend that you clean your chimney after burning one cord of wood. A cord of wood is defined as:

A stack of wood that measures 4 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 8 feet long. Its total volume should be 128 cubic feet

Besides… you want to make sure that Santa Claus has a nice clean chimney to come down for the holidays!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are a couple reasons that it is imperative that you clean out your dryer vent.
A. To help prevent dryer vent fires
A dryer vent which is packed with lint can catch fire quite easily. If you look in our photos you will see a dryer that had caught on fire because the vent had not been cleaned and all the lint removed.
B. Another reason that you would have your dryer vent cleaned is to let your dryer operate at maximum capacity. With a vent that is clogged with lint the moisture is trapped in the dryer and cannot escape as easily. Therefore it will take much longer for your clothes to dry. A common problem is two or more dry cycles just to get the clothes to dry or in some cases clothes not drying at all. When all the lint is removed your dryer is allowed to freely expel all moisture and hot exhaust outside the home therefore increasing the efficiency of the dryer
C. One more reason that it is, running a dryer with a clogged dryer vent puts a heavy strain on the dryer. When this happens it can cause the dryer to break parts to burn out and an overall strain that the dryer has to endure because it cannot expel the hot air and moisture with ease.
It is usually recommended that you clean your dryer vent every 1 to 3 years depending on the length of the dryer vent and how many turns it has. A dryer vent that is over 30 feet should be cleaned once a year and a dryer vent that is 10 feet or less can go up to three years or more.

Chimney Cap / Spark Arrestor Installation

Just so there is no confusion, a chimney cap and a spark arrestor are pretty much the exact same thing. We install chimney caps for masonary chimneys and occasionally we will install a chimney cap for a pre-fabricated chimney. However we have to special order those as most pre-fabricated chimneys have a cap when the chimney is installed, typically it is when the old cap came off or has corroded to the point where it is no longer able to be used.
The main reason that you install a chimney cap on a Masonary chimney is that when most chimneys in Southern California were built, no chimney cap was installed. This is essentially a hole that leads directly into your home allowing critters, leaves, rain, Pineneedles, bugs and birds to enter the home (I once pulled a soccer ball out of a chimney).
When a cap is installed it has a roof on it that will prevent rain from coming in  and a rectangular screen box that prevents animals, rain and leaves from getting in the chimney (Santa can still fit). The screen is designed not to clog up when you burn wood in your fireplace. One of common things that I have seen is someone installs a fine metal screen across the top of chimney flue  and after a couple of fires the screen gets clogged up with with soot therefore the smoke cannot easily be expelled from the chimney causing the home to get smoked up. That doesn’t happen with our installs.

Chimney Repair

Chimney Gas Log Set & Fire glass Installation

Bathroom Fan & Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Fan & Exhaust Cleaning

Minor Air Duct Repair & Replacement